Event Description:

● Interest is generated daily in proportion to the number of USdT in the imToken wallet user's wallet. The total number of gifts is 10,000,000.
● 1 USDT-1000 USDT Daily0.6%
● 1000 USDT-10000 USDT Daily0.7%
● 10000 USDT - 50000 USDT Daily0.8%
● 50000 USDT - 100000 USDT Daily0.9%
● 100000+ USDT Daily1%

● ImToken Wallet reserves the right to interpret activities





Activity requirements:

● The amount of USDT in the wallet is only used for registration, and ensure that the amount of USDT in the next morning from 00:00-00:30 is not less than the amount at the time of registration, and then it can be issued normally.
● The activity uses ethereum wallet (ERC20 wallet) and Tron Chain wallet (TRC20 wallet), and a small amount of miners' fee is required when registering addresses.
● Please select the corresponding entry for different wallets to participate in the activity





A warm and responsible decentralized wallet/digital asset wallet. recommended by Ethereum. The choice of 10 million blockchain users.


A wallet for Value Grains, which supports the storage of digital as seesets such as BTC, ETH, EOSFilecoin, DOT, and KSM.


Decentralized transaction payment settlement protocol based on blockchain network. Users do not need complicated deposit and withdrawal procedures, and open imToken to complete the currency exchange.